Mission Statement

  The primary mission of the 84th Engineer Battalion construction Reunion Association (Viet Nam) is to facilitate the yearly gathering of all Veterans of the 84th EBC and attached units who served in Vietnam. This shall be done using all communicative means at the group’s disposal. The Association will assist its members with information and support to secure all the compensation and pension due them from the government because of their Vietnam service.

Operating Procedures

  The Association shall maintain a mailing list to include the mailing address, phone numbers and e-mail address to which notices of reunions can be sent. It will be the responsibility of each member to notify the Association of any changes in the address, phone number, or e-mail address. All business items will be handled at the Business meetings to be held in conjunction with the Reunion. If 2/3 of the attendees think any item needs a vote of the whole membership, a vote by mail or e-mail using the current mailing addressees on file shall be done; the results will be posted on the Web site and available by phone. The eligible veterans shall have served in the 84th EBC and the D Company of the 46 EBC between leaving CONUS and the withdrawal of the 84th from Vietnam. The 513 DT and the 523 Eng. Co. (PC), 73 Eng. Co. (CS), 643 Eng. Co. (PL), 509 Eng. Co. (PB) shall be considered part of this group. A DD 214 will be needed if questions arise. The Association officers shall consist of Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, and Sargent at Arms/. The group shall maintain a web page site for informational purposes with a hard copy being mailed to those without a computer.

This year we need you to

84th Engineer Battalion 2017 Reunion

The Cost this year is $ per person. Due by
Make checks payable to:
84th EBC Reunion Group Vietnam
Please send your check to: Linda Wallner
Reunion Treasurer
9934 Bellcrest Blvd
Fenton, MI 48430


Memories from the 2015 Reunion
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